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ZTec Polyester Meat Netting

EAZY Peel Polyester Meat Netting

Zip-net is at the forefront of new product research and development.

Our growing family of Z-tec high performance netting products is the result of such innovation and includes a variety of products designed to improve customer productivity and efficiency.

All Z-tec high performance meat netting is available in wide range of sizes and configurations to meet your particular requirements


EAZY Peel Meat Netting

EAZY Peel small-square meat netting offers the highest levels of performance for demanding applications. With at least twice the number of squares as conventional netting, EAZY Peel meat netting helps eliminate air pockets, cavities and slice breakage - and enhanced peelability improves both yield and product appearance. We can supply this product with 36, 48 or 56 squares.

EAZY Peel EPN Meat Netting

Utilizing a unique proprietary formulation, Z-tec EPN meat netting holds meat firmly during cooking, shaping the meat while eliminating air pockets, then relaxes prior to removal. EPN meat netting can be removed quickly and cleanly on the production line, eliminating surface tears and product rejects. All of which means increased productivity and profitability.

All Z-tec Netting Products Offer:

  • Enhanced stripability and peelability for increases yield
  • Super Rolls available, all sizes up to 500 yards
  • Color-coded tracers
  • Multi-colored nets, to your specification
  • All meat netting products can be used in conjunction with collagen film
  • Full range of cutting services available from Zip-net
  • Custom specifications, to your requirements

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