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Tuff Stuff

Tuff Stuff Features

Tuff Stuff Eliminate Leakers
Reduced leakers
Targeted bone protection reduces the chance of puncture and associated rework or product loss.
Tuff Stuff Rolls
Easy to use
Tuff Stuff bone guard is available in rolls for ultimate flexibility simply cut off your required length.
Tuff Stuff Simple Packaging
Simple packaging
Zip-net supplies Tuff Stuff in a lined box, perfect for meat plants. Simply open the box, lift out the liner and take straight into production.
Increase Profit with Tuff Stuff
Increase profit
Fewer leakers means less rework, fewer returns, not to mention less packaging: all leading to increased profit!

Prices & Items

Prices valid as of 2/23/2024.
Prices are per roll. Minimum order 1 roll.
24 cases per pallet. Call for special pallet pricing.

Technical Specs
Targeted Protection
All Over Protection
Flexibility can be used on a variety of meat cuts. Simply wrap or mold around all sharp edges for great protection.
Tuff Stuff bone guard is flexible, ensuring no trapped air on vacuuming preventing "black foot" common with injection molded alternatives.
Tuff Stuff is made from PE
Made from PE
Made from polyethylene, they're clean and won't break down when wet like paper alternatives.
Prevent Bacteria
Prevent bacteria
Tuff Stuff bone protection doesn't absorb moisture and doesn't encourage bacterial growth.
Recycle Tuff Stuff
Tuff Stuff bone guard is recyclable so don't cost the earth!
Tech Specs
Specs & MSDS
Download pdf version now!
Tuff Stuff bone guard Spec Tuff Stuff bone guard Spec
MSDS Tuff Stuff bone guard MSDS Tuff Stuff bone guard

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