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Shank Caps

Shank Cap Features

Shank Caps Eliminate Leakers
Reduced leakers
Designed to eliminate expensive built in bone patches in vacuum shrink packaging. Bone guard shank caps will reduce your packaging costs and improve appearance and leaker rates.
Shank cap dispenser
Easy to use
Simply place over the shank bone end. Use straight from the box or from our one handy Shank Cap dispensers.

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Simple Packaging
Simple packaging
Shank caps are supplied in a lined box, perfect for meat plants. Simply open the box, lift out the liner and take straight into production.
Shank Caps Increase Profit
Increase profit
Fewer leakers means less rework, fewer returns, not to mention less packaging: all leading to increased profit!

Prices & Items

Prices valid as of 4/23/2024.
Prices are per roll. Minimum order 1 case.
24 cases per pallet. Call for special pallet pricing.

Technical Specs

Targeted Protection with Shank Caps
Targeted protection
Bone protection exactly where it's needed, not where it's not. Use a standard vacuum pouch or shrink bag instead of all over thick bags.
Shank Caps are Flexibile
Shank caps are flexible, ensuring no trapped air on vacuuming preventing "black foot" common with injection molded alternatives.
Shank Caps are Made From PE
Made from PE
Bone guard shank caps are made from polyethylene, they're clean and won't break down when wet like paper alternatives. 100% recyclable
Shank Caps Prevent Bacteria
Prevent bacteria
The bone guard shank caps don't absorb moisture and don't encourage bacterial growth.
More Consistency
Consistent tare
Each shank cap is identical in weight, unlike conventional hand cut bone guard.  Ideal when you need a consistent tare weight.


Expert Design
Expert design
Designed specifically for shank bone protection for lamb and pork, by the experts in New Zealand.
Clearly Better
Clearly better
Shank Caps are clear when vacuumed, improving product appearance.
Gold Shank Caps
Gold available
Also available in gold for visual impact on retail products..
Several Designs
Protection choice
280mU for standard applications and 440mU for extra sharp bones.
Fluted Shank Caps
Fluted for variable sized shanks.  Helps prevent shank caps from falling off.
Extended Shank Caps
Extended length for  lamb shoulders or easy carve bone-in hams.

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