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Waxed Cloth
Product Features
Waxed Cloth Eliminate Leakers
Eliminate leakers
Preventing punctures of vacuum bags and shrink bags. Saving time, saving packaging and saving you money.
Available in rolls
Easy to use
Waxed cloth bone guard is available in rolls for ultimate flexibility simply cut off your required length.
Waxed Cloth Cut Sheets
Cut sheets available
Waxed cloth bone guard is a cost effective option for all light and medium applications.
Simple Packaging
Simple Packaging
Supplied in a lined box, perfect for meat plants. Simply open the box and take straight into production.
 Waxed Cloth Increase Profit
Increase Profit
Fewer leakers means fewer returns, and less rework, not to mention less packaging: All leading to increased profit!
Waxed Cloth is the Industry Standard
Industry Standard
Waxed cloth bone guard is the most widely used form of bone protection within the industry.
Prices & Items
Item #DescriptionCase QtyList PriceWeb PriceQty
per ROLL
per ROLL

Prices valid as of 10/4/2022.
Prices are per roll. Minimum order 1 roll.
24 cases per pallet. Call for special pallet pricing.

Technical Specs
Waxed Cloth offers all over protecton
All Over Protection
Flexibility can be used on a variety of meat cuts. Simply wrap or mold bone cover around all sharp edges for great protection.
When pressed onto meat, wax cloth bone guard follows the contours of the meat and hold its shape making bagging easy.
Medium Duty
Medium Duty
Waxed cloth is a cost effective option for all light and medium applications.
Heavy Duty Waxed Cloth
Heavy Duty
For the sharpest bones and toughest applications, use the heavy waxed cloth bone guard.
Save packaging waste
Save packaging waste
As you are using targeted bone protection there is no need for overly thick bags. Therefore you are reducing your waste and helping the environment.
Waxed Cloth Tech Specs
Spec & MSDS
Download pdf version now!
MSDS Waxed Cloth Bone Guard MSDS Waxed Cloth Bone Guard
Waxed Cloth tried and tested
Tried and tested
Waxed cloth bone guard has been made in the same process for over 30 years, a true favorite with the industry.
Waxed Cloth Widely Used
Widely used
If Zip-net made everything into 12" rolls each year, we would make enough waxed cloth bone guard to reach from New York to San Francisco!
Custom Waxed Cloth Sizes Available
Custom Sizes Available
We are happy to cut waxed cloth bone guard to a tailored size on orders for 10,000 pieces or more.

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